SCANDAL: Biden Calls Putin ‘Killer’, Now Russia Fires Back

Russian President Vladimir Putin is well aware of Joe Biden’s flaws. And on Thursday, he retaliated by issuing a challenge to US President Barack Obama, which Biden is unlikely to accept: A live debate on television.

The aggressive offer comes after Biden referred to Putin as a “killer” in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday. Putin would “pay a price” for interfering in the election, according to Biden.

“He’ll have to pay a price. He and I had a long chat, and I know him fairly well,” Biden said. “And I began the conversation by saying, ‘I know you and you know me.’ Be ready if I establish that this happened.’”

When Stephanopoulos pressed Biden on his comment that he “did not think the Russian president had a soul,” Biden reaffirmed his position.

“I did say that to him, and he replied, ‘We understand each other.’ He explained, “I wasn’t being a wise guy; I was alone with him in his office and that’s how it happened.”

On Thursday, Putin responded with a veiled threat, according to some.

My original Russian-to-English translation attempts to catch a little more complexity than has been commonly published. Putin expresses his desire for Biden to be safe not once, but twice.

Putin said, “I will clearly tell him, ‘Be safe.'” “I wish you the best of luck. That is what I say without irony or as a joke.”

Biden had no regrets over branding Putin a “killer,” according to Jen Psaki, who spoke at a White House press conference.

Meanwhile, Benny Gantz, Israel’s defense minister, challenged Biden’s language, calling it “bizarre and serious.”

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About the fact that no one defends Putin’s authoritarian government, one has to wonder if Biden will use such inflammatory language against Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is committing ethnic cleansing against the Uighur minority.

Later that afternoon, Russian President Vladimir Putin made Biden an offer that is political kryptonite: a live discussion.

Putin told a Russian reporter, “I’ve only thought of this.” “I’d like to suggest to President Biden that we continue our debate, but only if we do it practically live, as it’s called. Without any breaks and in an open, straightforward conversation. It seems to me that this will be of concern to the citizens of Russia and the United States.”

Biden’s detractors immediately saw this as a flex on a president who hasn’t given a press conference in nearly two months, hasn’t given a State of the Union speech, and has skipped live reporter queries.


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