See How Supreme Court Slows President Trump’s PA Case! Have the Courts Been Compromised Too?

The US Court system has been taken over by the corrupt left.  It’s time for the Justices on the Court to rule based on righteousness.  The 2020 election was stolen.  Joe Biden received 20 million fraudulent votes and biased judges and Obama judges are the only ones to see cases and they then ridicule and discount the massive fraud.

We’ve already discussed Justice Roberts.  Many people believe the Chief Justice is compromised.  His rulings make no sense.  He is either crazy or he is being blackmailed.

The courts to date have thrown out the President’s cases in regards to the unspeakable fraud committed during the 2020 Presidential election.  Obama judges have been allowed to ridicule the President and the record setting number of Americans who voted for him and then throw out the cases based on their grotesque biases.

Our courts have been compromised by biased judges who somehow are given the key cases involved in the 2020 election.

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