Self-Awareness Fail: The Wahmbulance Rushes to the Scene After Oliver Darcy’s Latest Fox News Meltdown

As I noted last week, the last couple of months have been pretty brutal for CNN’s junior media hall monitor Oliver Darcy.

He was nuked – twice – by Fox News’ anchor Bret Baier after trying to pick journalism fights with him. Then at one point, Darcy was even thrown under the bus by his equally obnoxious partner in crime Karen Brian Stelter, who couldn’t run away from Darcy’s embarrassingly petty attacks on the respected Fox News veteran reporter fast enough.

In addition to that, GWU law prof Jonathan Turley taught Darcy an important lesson this month on the importance of free speech after Darcy called for Twitter to censor President Trump’s Twitter account.
Here we are a few weeks later, and Darcy’s still at it with the Fox attacks, this time against Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo, who has gotten on CNN’s naughty list over the last couple of months because she had the nerve to listen to guests who talked about the Trump campaign’s election fraud allegations.
It all started with a tweet from videographer Jim Maiella, who seemed to be wondering why some in the media had moved on from Bartiromo’s alleged journalistic transgressions to write unrelated stories about her:

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Darcy then proceeded to give his version of what he believed was going on, accusing her of being a “full-blown propagandist.” He then pitched a fit about why other media outlets had the gall not to play by CNN’s hypocritical rules:

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