Sen Ron Johnson- Man Who Gives Democrats Hell Of A Time In Election Fraud : See This Patriot Fight ( video)

Senator Ron Johnson is one of the few Republicans that’s fighting for Trump and his voters in a big way.

Since the start of the investigations into the 2020 election, Johnson has been combing through evidence non-stop as opposed to turning a blind eye.
Johnson, like many other Americans, sees inconsistencies in the election and is calling for investigations into these claims.

As a matter of fact, he just recently held a hearing where he called for these questions on the election to be seriously investigated in order to save our countries integrity:

“The goal of the hearing … was to try to resolve the suspicions around the election,” said Johnson, who warned that the U.S. is heading for an “unsustainable state of affairs” if the losing side does not trust the legitimacy of any election.
“There are all kinds of legitimate concerns, irregularities that we need answers to, and the Democrats want to just sweep under the rug,” Johnson continued.

“It’s a serious problem when you don’t have confidence, when such a high number of Americans don’t have confidence in the legitimacy of the election. It’s a problem we have to solve. The only way you solve it is with transparency and honest information.”

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And that wasn’t the end of for Johnson.
He’s now recently taken to Twitter, where he’s showcasing an explosive video where attorney Jesse Binnall lays out all the fraud claims in Nevada.

Check it out:

No matter what the end result of this election may be, it doesn’t appear that Johnson is ready to let this go.
He seems intent on uncovering whatever needs to be uncovered and is dead set on keeping our election integrity.

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