Sinister Video Shows Inmate Holding Officer Hostage In Oklahoma Jail

After keeping a correction officer hostage in the Oklahoma County Detention Center, an inmate has died.

The officer was assaulted and giving out medicine to prisoners when he was attacked and bound up.

Other officers arrived quickly and attempted to de-escalate the incident, but when they saw a sharp object on the officer’s neck, they shot and killed the prisoner.

The inmates recorded the incident and broadcast it live on Facebook.

After being held hostage on the 10th floor of the Oklahoma County Detention Center, an Oklahoma City corrections officer was rushed to the hospital on Saturday, with videos of the drama going viral.

According to the Oklahoman newspaper in Oklahoma City, the floor is notorious for holding the jail’s most difficult-to-manage inmates.

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One of the inmates holding the corrections officer hostage was shot and killed by Oklahoma City police officers, according to officials.

According to Lt. Wayland Cubit of the Oklahoma City Police Department, the officer was taken to the hospital for treatment, but the extent of his injury was not immediately known.

The phone of the hostage correction officer was taken away, allowing the inmates to record the Facebook Live video.

Unfortunately, the officer’s family and friends were forced to witness the heinous crime firsthand.


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