Steve Bannon Announces A Transition To A Harris Presidency

For MONTHS, we’ve all been saying it.

The Democrats purposefully run a man with dementia in order to later elect Kamala Harris as President and retire Joe Biden.

Now, Steve Bannon is giving a stern message to everyone: it’s time to get ready.

We’ve been reporting on Joe Biden’s apparent mental deterioration and his numerous gaffes on national television.

He was allegedly playing Mario Kart while Kamala took care of business, and she seems to be doing a lot for a vice president.

But don’t take my word for it; read the papers below and pay attention to what Bannon has to say.

Take a look at this:

Despite concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental health lingering during the 2020 campaign, the majority of Americans believe he is qualified for the position, with 33% unhappy with his mental sharpness, according to a recent Insider poll.

On February 22, Insider surveyed 1,154 Americans nationally in collaboration with SurveyMonkey, with a 3 percentage point margin of error.

When it comes to whether Biden, 78, is up for the job, the poll found that he has the support of 61 percent of Americans.

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Dementia is a form of dementia. Joe Biden’s speeches are rarely coherent, but he managed to mumble something semi-coherent on Friday.

“Valentine’s Day is a huge holiday. Jill’s best day of the year. “I’m serious.”

The White House press corps swooned in admiration of China Joe’s impressive if brief moment of near lucidity. One Lois Lane fan pleaded with him to bring her coffee the next time they met. “We love your dogs!” slobbered a (male) reporter.

As you can see, the White House has devolved into a nursing home for all parties involved, including the dogs. Thankfully, the security cameras are still recording, so you can get a glimpse of what America’s doddering First Senior Citizen is up to in between naps.

Biden’s attempt to illustrate the amount of vaccines available was one of my favorites from the last few weeks. When he attempts to read numbers from the teleprompter or from his notes, it’s always hilarious:

“From 400 million to 600 million vaccines ordered, there is enough vaccine to completely vaccinate 300 Americans by the end of summer or early fall. But we want to give the impression that it would be enough to completely vaccinate 300 Americans.”


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