Texas and Florida Massive Win Over Lockdown States

Dr. Anthony Fauci is perplexed as to why Texas and Florida continue to defy “science” on COVID-19. There has been no disproportionate increase in COVID incidents, hospitalizations, or deaths since the states repealed the mask requirements and allowed all businesses to reopen.

On MSNBC this week, Dr. Fauci was asked why Texas hasn’t seen the much-anticipated boom. He admitted, “I’m not really sure.” “It’s possible they’re doing something outside.”

In an interview with MSNBC, Fauci said that seeing any impact from reopening the state on the number of COVID cases could take weeks.

“I’m hoping they keep going down. If they do, that’s awesome, but there’s always the risk that when you cut back on methods — particularly for things like indoor dining and crowded bars — you’ll see a pause and then the clock will suddenly tick back up,” Fauci said.

“We’ve been duped before by circumstances in which people start to open up again. Nothing happens for weeks and then something explodes on you, so we have to be careful not to pass judgment too quickly,” he said.

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Texas has become one of the most common goals for proponents of lockdown and masking. Even a baseball game with 100% attendance has been held in the state.

Governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida have also spoken out against COVID passports.

According to government data obtained by the New York Times, Texas has continued to outperform several lockdown states in terms of daily cases and daily deaths from COVID infection. Despite the state’s reopening and removal of the mask mandate, COVID cases in Texas continue to decline gradually.

Compare the state’s performance to that of New York, which is highly repressive and led by Governor Andrew Cuomo. This is the most recent COVID case pattern.


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