Texas Governor Fights Border Crisis With ‘Operation Lone Star’ while Biden Does Nothing

As president, Joe Biden is struggling in every way imaginable.

In the free state of Texas, a border crisis is unfolding, and Biden is nowhere to be found.

This isn’t leadership, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott is a shining example of what it looks like.

Texas has initiated “Operation Lone Star” to combat the rising border crisis, according to Governor Abbott.

By sending law enforcement personnel to “high threat areas” along the border, the operation will try to prevent the smuggling of drugs and people across the border from Mexico.

The National Guard, DPS, and other border protection assets will be involved in the operation.

On Saturday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Department of Public Safety (DPS) unveiled ‘Operation Lone Star,’ a campaign to fight drug and people smuggling across the southern border.

To “deny Mexican Cartels and other traffickers the opportunity to move drugs and people into Texas,” the initiative would assign law enforcement officers and equipment to “high threat areas” along the border.

“Because of Biden Administration policies that fail to protect the border and invite illegal immigration, the crisis at our southern border continues to worsen,” Abbott said in a statement.

“Texas supports legal immigration, but it will not be complicit in open border policies that are causing, rather than preventing, a humanitarian crisis in our state and putting Texans’ lives in danger.”

The Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety will collaborate on the new initiative.

Abbott’s announcement comes days after a border spat between Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry and Vice President Joe Biden. On Thursday, Abbott told CNBC that the Biden administration “must avoid importing COVID into our country.” This week, over 100 illegal immigrants released in the United States tested positive for Covid-19.

Joe Biden is unable to take any action to address the border crisis.

Instead, he has spent his time criticizing Abbot for his own shortcomings.

Governor Abbot retaliated recently after Vice President Biden accused him of “Neanderthal thinking” for lifting the mask mandate order.

Biden welcomed COVID-positive illegal aliens into Texas, but he criticizes Abbott?

Biden has either totally lost his mind or never had it in the first place.



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