TGP Motions to Intervene in Michigan Election Fraud Litigation: SHOW US THE HIDDEN EVIDENCE!

The suit involves the use by Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson of private funds to administer the election and set up ballot drop boxes, such as the ones deployed in Detroit and financed by far-left Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

These “Zuckerberg boxes” were supposed to allow citizens to cast ballots by dropping them off like a mailbox. In practice, some allege, they were easy locations for ballot dumps of illegal votes.

Far-left billionaires paid the bills for public elections in some of the most contested election areas.

Benson ran the fraud with private money so she didn’t have to tell the public what happened!

But the Gateway Pundit is not backing down!

To counteract the obvious potential and likelihood for fraud, these ‘Zuckerberg boxes’ were required to have a full-time camera focused on them at all times. The video from these boxes would reveal if those using the box were dropping off one ballot as permitted by state law, perhaps two ballots as permitted to drop off a ballot from a household member, or if they show people dropping off hundreds or thousands of suspicious ballots.

A series of “ballot dumps” of suspicious ballots were observed in Detroit at the TCF Center on election night by witnesses like Shane TrejoJose Aliaga, among others. Still the media continues to lie and say that there is “no evidence of voter fraud” even though these witnesses, and the sworn witness statements of nearly a thousand other affidavits, have been claimed and shown by Rudy Giuliani to the hearing before the Michigan House last week.

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A witness who works for the Detroit government came forward exclusively to the Gateway Pundit and said that when she was driving by the Zuckerberg boxes at 9:15pm on election day, she saw several people still stuffing the boxes with potentially hundreds of ballots. The boxes were required to be locked and sealed at 8:00pm. The witness is in fear of retaliation by her politically connected employer but is completely sure of what she saw.

Another Detroit government whistleblower came forward last week. Jessy Jacob testified before the Michigan House a week ago, she is a worker for the City of Detroit and witnessed that the policy was toward ignoring Michigan election law and facilitating voter fraud. Jacob had previously submitted a sworn affidavit in filed litigation that went before Wayne County Judge Tim Kenny.

The video of these Zuckerberg boxes, or the unlawful destruction of the video evidence around them, will be a telling flashpoint in what is shaping up to be the most contentious election in American history.

“The public has a right to see the video of the Zuckerberg boxes. I suspect they have either destroyed evidence of the ballot box fraud, or they’ll get moving on it right away. Either way, we’d like to sanction municipal governments and bureaucrats who participate in the destruction of evidence and deny the people’s right to know who frauded their votes,” said John Burns, General Counsel for the Gateway Pundit.

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