The Results of the Fraudulent Election Will Never Stand- IT’S TIME FOR TRUMP TO CONFISCATE THE VOTING MACHINES

The President should step in now and confiscate every Dominion voting machine in the US especially those in the states where the election was stolen from President Trump.  These machines should never be used in another US election ever again.

General Flynn last night on TV said that the President should confiscate the Dominion machines in the swing states where they were used to steal the election:

More than a month ago we could see that votes were being switched from President Trump to Joe Biden and deleted from the Trump column on a material scale:

Per a review of the machines in Antrim County in Michigan where thousands of votes moved from President Trump to Joe Biden, a forensic audit confirmed that these machines weren’t safe for any election let alone a US Presidential election.  The results of this audit were horrible:

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President Trump should confiscate every machine and never allow them to be used ever again.  A few of these machines should be reviewed to determine if they show ballots being transferred from Trump to Biden or otherwise tampered with.

The President could then perform a review of all paper ballots and ballot images in the swing states utilizing the approach of IT genius who claims he can determine if ballots are legitimate or fake in seconds based on the characteristic of the ballot itself.

Then if necessary, new elections should be performed in these states.

The results of this election will never stand

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