Top 10 Mass Shootings Cities: All of Them Run by Democrats

Any “mass shooting” that suits its political agenda is reported by the American news media. However, a review of mass shooting statistics reveals that the vast majority occur in Democrat-controlled cities, including those with stringent gun control laws and “gun-free zones.”

The number of mass shootings that have occurred in the last three years is staggering. In 2019, there were 424, 612 in 2020, and 105 so far in 2021. A mass shooting is an event in which four or more people are shot with a weapon.

According to a verifiable database called Mass Shootings Info, the top cities for mass shootings are as follows.

Chicago (53), Philadelphia (28), New York City (19), Houston (12), and Baltimore are the top cities for mass shootings (10.) The Democratic Party controls both of these towns.

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The Democratic Party’s “solution” to America’s cities’ rising crime rates is to blame the cops or outright defund them. It’s only fueling a crime wave that’s reversing decades of downward violent crime trends.

The following Democrat-controlled cities are currently witnessing major rises in crime, including mass shootings.


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