Trey Gowdy On Impeachment: “None Of Those 45 Will Change Their Mind”

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Rowdy Gowdy is at it again!

I love Trey Gowdy, and one of my favorite things of all time was to watch him rip up Democrats when he served as chair of the House Oversight Committee.

Gowdy has not lost his touch, as he rips up this sham impeachment in a very candid way on Fox News.

Oh how I wish you were still in politics Mr.Gowdy.

Take a look:

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Conservative Brief had more:

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Former Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy slammed the second attempt to impeach former President Donald Trump and predicted that Democrats aren’t going to be successful.

“I can tell you having done trial work when you start the trial with half of the jury thinking you shouldn’t even be there, you’re not going to win,” Gowdy said on Fox News Monday in response to a question about the prospects of Trump being impeached for “inciting” the Jan. 6 Capitol siege.

He added: “None of those 45 will change their mind.”

Forty-five senators supported Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s motion last month deeming the impeachment of a private citizen as unconstitutional.

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Western Journal also reported:

But painting normal terms of American political discourse as inherently dangerous, as an “incitement” to rebellion against the government itself, is taking the argument impossibly far.

“I think the Democrats, in their haste to impeach this president for the second time, picked the weakest of their arguments,” Gowdy told host John Roberts.

“I’m not suggesting they would’ve been successful on another argument, but a much better argument is, ‘OK, you were surprised the siege took place, what did you do when you learned it was happening?’” Gowdy said. “That’s the better impeachment article … What did the president do once the siege began?”

Note that Gowdy wasn’t saying there is any argument that’s strong enough to secure the two-thirds Senate vote necessary to convict Trump and get him barred from running for federal office again. But as a former federal prosecutor who’s actually weighed criminal charges against potential defendants, Gowdy was delivering an opinion on the merits of the argument Democrats chose.

And the verdict was unmistakable

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