Trump Calls on ‘Certain Very Important People’ To Help Him Win Election

He may be bloodied, but he’s unbowed.

With every passing day bringing closer the possibility that former Vice President Joe Biden will be sworn in as president in January, President Donald Trump told a White House crowd on Wednesday he can still win the 2020 election.

He said he just needs help from some “very important people.”

“All I ask for is people with wisdom and with courage, that’s all,” the president said at a Hanukkah party in a video that was posted to Twitter by Jacob Kornbluh, national politics reporter for Jewish Insider.

“Because if people, certain very important people, if they have wisdom and if they have courage, we can win this election,” Trump said.

The reference was almost certainly to the U.S. Supreme Court, which is considering a lawsuit by the state of Texas to prevent the recorded popular vote from four battleground states to stand.

Formally known as a “Motion for Leave to File Bill of Complaint,” the action asked the court to force the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to put the selection of their representatives to the Electoral College in the hands of their state legislatures rather than appointing them from popular votes that elected Biden. Texas argues the voting in all four states was fatally flawed by “significant and unconstitutional irregularities.”

As of Thursday, Texas was supported by 18 other states.

After Arizona joined late Wednesday, according to The Daily Wire, those states are: Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia.

The four states named as defendants were ordered to respond by 3 p.m. Thursday

At the Hanukkah gathering, Kornbluh wrote in another Twitter post, Trump said the election battle is a “historic fight.”

“It’s really for the soul of our country — because if somebody wins an election by a lot and they take the election away and they give it to people that shouldn’t be there, I think that’s a problem for our country,” the president said, according to Kornbluh.

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In a Twitter post Thursday, Trump made the stakes clear.

“The Supreme Court has a chance to save our Country from the greatest Election abuse in the history of the United States,” he said.

How the “very important people” of the Supreme Court handle the Texas filing remains to be seen. However, in the four states in question, representing a total of 62 Electoral College votes, the legislatures are in Republican hands. If they were to choose their states’ delegates to the Electoral College, it would almost certainly give Trump the victory.

It would be a high court ruling on elections like no other in American history – even the Bush v. Gore ruling of 2000 would pale by comparison, since it affected only the recount dispute in one state, Florida.

But the presidential campaign of 2020, in a country afflicted by a global pandemic, was like no other. And, of course, even Trump’s most bitter foes would agree the former real estate magnate and reality television star has been like no other president in American history.

Four years of negative news coverage, the politically driven “Russia collusion” hoax, a sham impeachment and relentless, baseless attacks by political opponents, their establishment media allies and virtually every center of cultural power in the country couldn’t stop 74 million Americans from turning out to vote for Trump in November.

And four years of savage treatment of himself and his family haven’t deterred the president from fighting on every front for another four years in the White House.

The entire country has seen Trump bloodied — in the figurative sense, at least — since he rode down that escalator in New York in 2015 to announce his campaign for the presidency.

It’s a good bet no one will ever see him bowed.

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