Trump Finally Publicly Sick and Tired of Biden – Makes a STRONG Announcement

President-elect Joe Biden has been chastised by former President Donald Trump for his catastrophic lack of action on border defense. Trump went so far as to accuse Biden of breaking his oath of office by failing to uphold the Constitution and follow the law.

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This is what Donald Trump said in his public statement:

Because of Joe Biden’s catastrophic leadership, our border is now completely out of sight. The Biden Administration has disrespected, demeaned, and ridiculed our brave Border Patrol and ICE officers.

On an hourly basis, a mass incursion into the country by people who shouldn’t be here is taking place, and it’s getting worse by the minute. Some have criminal records, and many more have covid, which they are spreading. Criminals who were once swiftly apprehended by our Administration are now being released back into the streets to commit horrific and violent crimes. ICE agents are desperate to get these convicted criminals out of the country, but Biden won’t let them.

Local communities are being overwhelmed by the border tsunami, which is depleting budgets, crowding hospitals, and displacing legal American staff.

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We had achieved the most safe border in our country’s history when I left office. It will soon be worse, more risky, and out of reach than it has ever been under Biden’s leadership. He has violated his oath of office, which requires him to uphold the Constitution and obey the law.

On our southern frontier, there has never been a time like this, or, more specifically, what is about to happen. Now that Biden has adopted a national Catch-and-Release policy, illegal immigrants from all over the world will flood our border, never to be seen again. People who cross the border illegally must be stopped immediately if the border is to be safe.

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I had a beautiful friendship with Mexico and its wonderful president, but all of that has been shattered by the new administration’s gross incompetence and radicalism. The Remain in Mexico Policy was fantastic, but it was quickly abandoned by Biden, owing to its success. Similarly, our Safe Third Agreements in Central America were a huge success, so Biden made the mistake of abandoning them as well. We stopped paying them hundreds of millions of dollars and instead built an excellent relationship that strengthened both our countries’ security.

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We put in place strong rules and procedures to combat smuggling and trafficking, but the Biden Administration has discarded these tried-and-true tactics, giving smugglers and traffickers complete control of our border.

Despite years of lawsuits and politics on the part of the Democrats, the wall is almost complete and can be built easily. Thousands of lives will be saved as a result.

The Biden Administration must move quickly to put an end to the border nightmare they have created for our nation. Keep the China Virus, illegal immigration, and crime out of our country!

Texas won a case against the Biden administration in January, forcing the administration to end its illegal alien deportation freeze. Ken Paxton, the state’s attorney general, called Biden’s order a “seditious left-wing insurgency.”

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That appears to be the Biden administration’s standard operating procedure for radicals. Donald Trump is also chastising them for it.

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