Trump Lawyer Urges Colorado to Audit Dominion, Mail-In Ballots

President Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis is urging Colorado lawmakers to audit Dominion voting machines and mail-in ballots. She says she suspects the Dominion system impacted Colorado’s results.

The Colorado legislative audit committee held a hearing on election integrity at the state capitol on Tuesday. President Trump’s top legal adviser Jenna Ellis called in during the hearing.

“The reason that Mayor Giuliani and I went to the four state legislatures that we did, was to encourage them to take a very serious look at all of the rule violations and the law violation that happened in these states and to take action,” said Ellis.

Ellis urges Colorado state lawmakers to look specifically into Dominion Voting Systems and the state’s mail-in voting system.

“In Colorado specifically, I would encourage this committee to look at not only the administration of the election in our state, but also to take a look specifically at why the Dominion Voting System is a part of our election here in Colorado, as well as the mail-in voting system that we had in Colorado for almost a decade,” said Ellis.

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The lawyer questions Colorado’s decision to employ the controversial Dominion oting system. She highlights that in Jefferson County, there are much wider win margins for Democrats after the voting system is adopted.

“Jefferson County implemented Dominion before the 2018 general election. That year, Democrats received at least 10 percent boost in their win percentages. And before 2018, Jefferson County specifically was competitive, center-right endorsing the center-left. Since 2018, no Republican has won a contested state or county office, all losing by double digits.”

Denver, Colorado, is home to Dominion’s American headquarters. Twenty-eight states used the voting system in this year’s election. Jenna Ellis also has close ties to the state of Colorado. She served as a deputy district attorney there.

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