Trump’s Presidential Library is Getting Put On Hold

Trump in 2024?

That’s what many people are speculating about this latest move. President Donald Trump is a long-term thinker. Real practitioner of The Art of War.

If he’s delaying it for this reason, that’s fantastic news! Anything that hints at President Trump’s return is fantastic.

He just can’t seem to stay away from the television, and there’s a good reason for it.


Even though he isn’t in the White House anymore, he has been front and center in the newspapers, and Joe Biden isn’t doing so well in the polls right now.

Is anyone prepared for Trump’s inauguration in 2024? And it may very well be on the way.

Donald Trump is spending his first months as an ex-president attempting to ensure that he is remembered in the way he wishes, but he is deferring plans to build a library to house his version of the presidency.

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The former president has made almost regular comments, set up a website, and attended several events at his Mar-a-Lago resort, including a wedding where he complained about the 2020 election results and President Joe Biden’s moves so far, refusing to give up the spotlight.

People familiar with his thinking claim that preparing for a library would imply that he’s done becoming president, something he’s not ready to admit. Trump has hinted that he would run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

“Once he says, ‘I’m going to be raising money for my library,’ he’s given up the pretense of running again,” said Anthony Clark, an expert on presidential libraries’ politics and history.


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