[VIDEO] After What Steve Scalise Just Accused Pelosi of…Should She Be Impeached Next?

While I do think Nancy Pelosi should be impeached, there’s one big problem.

Members of the House can’t be impeached.

But other things somewhat similar to impeachment can happen to them – and in light of what Steve Scalise just accused Pelosi of, she should face punishment.

Technically, members of Congress do not go through impeachment proceedings. But they can be expelled from office and disciplined in other ways.

According to a report by the Congressional Research Service, expulsion is a more simplified process than impeachment.

“A removal through an impeachment requires the action of both houses of Congress – impeachment in the House and trial and conviction in the Senate; while an expulsion is accomplished merely by the House or Senate acting alone concerning one of its own Members, and without the constitutional requirement of trial and conviction,” the report states.

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House and Senate members can expel members with a two-thirds vote, as is laid out in Article I of the Constitution.

As you know, Steve Scalise was shot and almost died after a Bernie supporter shot up a baseball field.

The Dems like to talk a big game about the dangers of “incitement,” yet ironically, it’s them actually inciting and encouraging their people to wreak havoc on the rest of us.

Just look at what happened for 3 months during the “Summer of Love” when left-wing communists unleashed holy hell on the country, and people like Kamala Harris promoed bail funds to keep the violence going.

Now, Pelosi is back at it…according to steve Scalise, Pelosi’s latest rhetoric is the same nasty, hateful talk that almost got him killed.


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