VIDEO: Insane Pelosi Claims To Have a “Right” to Unseat Any Congress Member

Nancy Pelosi’s new oppressive power grab is an abhorrent effort to disenfranchise Iowa citizens.

In a close Congressional election in Iowa, Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks beat Democrat Rita Hart by 6 votes.

After the election results were confirmed, Miller-Meeks was sworn in as a member of Congress to represent Iowans.

Pelosi, on the other hand, is hell-bent on overturning the election outcome.

Bypassing the people of Iowa’s will.

And Democrats want to whine about Republicans stifling democracy?

Only a tyrant will attempt anything like this.

Pelosi, on the other hand, brags about her “right” to reverse ratified election results and subvert the will of the American people.

As a result, she is able to select who will represent her in Congress.

What a despot!

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