VIDEO: Proof Biden is Using a Green Screen

President Joe Biden’s calendar tends to be fairly empty at the moment.

The “missing” president is skipping news conferences and State of the Union speeches, while his vice president meets with world leaders alone. Even with a needless football-spiking “Help is Here” road show with Kamala Harris, Biden has managed to sell his wasteful COVID kit.

Meanwhile, tensions are increasing on the Mexican border. When even the Democrats’ public relations staff in the mass media starts raising questions about the border crisis, you know it’s serious.

For example, the 13,000+ children kept in migrant-detention-facilities-formerly-known-as-kids-in-cages is troubling. And it was all because Biden was said to be a “sweet man.”

As a result, when the press attempted to elicit responses from the president, which he refused to give during his first prime-time address on Thursday, the stage was set for a potentially ‘viral’ moment.

A reporter questioned, “Do you have any plans to fly to the southern border?” Take a look at his response:

He answers with four words, “Not at the moment,” after a long walk and a pause.

On social media, the incident was hilariously parodied.

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Most bizarre of all, no one could find out why Biden’s hand in the video unexpectedly jumped in front of a microphone.


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