[VIDEO] Traitor Nikki Haley Booed at Boston Republican Event

Well this has gotta burn…

Nikki Haley has been walking a fine line between friend and foe for quite a while now, but appears that she’s now officially the latter.

During the Boston Republican Breakfast, Republican after Republican were applauded by the crowd, until Haley’s name was read, which met with loud booing.

Watch the video:

That almost makes you feel bad for Haley.

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It’s clear that conservatives are not a big fan of Nikki, which was also made abundantly clear on Twitter.

Neocons must be destroyed. #NeverHaley

She’s toast.

Who is Nikki Haley? 😂

I predict she will get about as many delegates in 2024 as JEB! did in 2016—one!

Yep, a traitor to the voters..she’ll need to change parties..just don’t think she’s corrupt enough…yet.

Funny how @GOP actually believes she is a viable candidate. So out of touch.

Nikki will never be President!

And rightly so… Pure swamp…🇺🇸


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