Walking Contradiction: Warnock Ripped for Saying He’s a ‘Pro-Choice Pastor’ – His Other Beliefs Aren’t Any Better

The Rev. Raphael Warnock, one of the Democratic candidates running for a Senate seat in Georgia’s upcoming January runoff elections, shocked the world on Tuesday with five simple words.

“I am a pro-choice pastor,” Warnock, the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta since 2005, tweeted.

Numerous prominent Christians responded by pointing out the obvious hypocrisy in Warnock’s contradictory stances of claiming to follow the ways of Jesus Christ while actively supporting the dismemberment and murder of children in the womb.

Many progressives, however, are defending Warnock’s views. For example, on her MSNBC show, “The ReidOut,” Joy Reid claimed that Republicans were hypocritical for defending Amy Coney Barrett’s “extremely doctrinaire, ultra-right-wing Christian beliefs” but refusing to defend Warnock’s beliefs.

But Reid was conflating two different issues. While liberals attacked Barrett for following her Christian beliefs, Republicans are criticizing Warnock for feigning Christian faith while holding radical, un-Christian beliefs.

Moreover, Warnock’s pro-abortion stance is far from the only anti-Christian view espoused by the Georgia candidate.

Warnock also denies the fact that Jesus Christ was Jewish and has even called him a “poor Palestinian prophet” and a “Palestinian peasant.”

The Georgia candidate’s anti-Christian rhetoric doesn’t stop there.

Warnock also promotes the tenets of Marxism, a materialistic world-view designed by Karl Marx to uproot and replace all religions.

In his 2013 book, “The Divided Mind of the Black Church,” Warnock praised Marxism, claimed “the Marxist Critique has much to teach the black church” and rebuked what he called “white capitalistic forces.”

According to an Op-Ed from The Washington Post, the man Warnock says was his mentor, James Hal Cone, was a controversial black theologian who labeled white Christians as racist and “white Christianity” as “the Antichrist.”

These and so many more of Warnock’s views are far from the actual teachings of Jesus Christ.

The reason for this is simple: Warnock interprets the Bible through the lens of Black Liberation Theology.

Harrison, who serves as Dean of Social Media at Grace to You (the bible-teaching ministry of John MacArthur), is a fellow of the Black Theology and Leadership Institute at Princeton Theological Seminary and is the lead host of the “Just Thinking” podcast, one of the most prominent Christian podcasts in America.


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