WATCH: Biden Melts Down When Asked About Trump, Afraid to Say His Name

President Joe Biden seems apprehensive about visiting the border. He also seems to be worried about a former president, Donald Trump, visiting the site before him.

On Sunday, Biden was asked about the border crisis and if he had learned whether Donald Trump was planning a visit.

“Mr. President, we’ve seen Republican senators at the border,” a reporter said. “Former President Trump claims he’s been asked to go to the border by some border patrol agents; do you think it will be productive?” And do you have any plans to leave?”

Biden responded, “We are putting of place a plan in which I am very sure.” And I don’t care what the other guy does’.,

“Who’s the other guy?” you might wonder. In the view of Joe Biden, Donald Trump seems to be rent-free. On Thursday, Trump responded to Vice President Joe Biden’s disastrous first press conference since taking office more than two months ago.

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Donald Trump told Laura Ingraham, “Nobody has ever seen anything like it.” “It’s obvious. You’re the one who knows it best.

You know more about it than anybody else. You’ve done an outstanding job of explaining it. It’s really very depressing to watch.”

Biden also declared his intention to run for re-election in 2024, despite the fact that many doubt he would be able to complete his first term. The Biden White House delegated border crisis management to Kamala Harris on Wednesday.

Trump’s senior aide Jason Miller claims that the former president will visit the border “soon.” It’s not only a question of whether Trump can get to the border before Biden, but also whether he can get there before Kamala Harris.

In either case, unlike former President Trump, neither Harris nor Biden plan to do anything substantial to resolve the border crisis.


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