WATCH: Trump Surprises Couple Taking Engagement Pictures At Mar-A-Lago

After another failed witch hunt from bloodthirsty Democrats in Washington D.C., President Trump took a few minutes after golfing to surprise a young couple who were taking engagement pictures at Mar-A-Lago.

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Brian Schottenstein posted the video to his Twitter account on Monday, but it’s starting to hit the Twitter rounds today.

Schottenstein and his fiancé were smiling for the camera when he notices someone familiar off to the side.

“Hey!,” he said as he glances at the President.

“Hi!,” the future bride exclaims when she realizes who it was.

“That’s a good looking couple! Everything good?,” Trump says to them.

They proceed by asking to get a picture with the 45th President, and he gladly accepted.

Watch below:

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It’s so great to see President Trump again. Comment below with your reaction…

Join Our Telegram channel here:  https://t.me/RealAmericanNews

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