What if…God Still Wants Donald Trump to Win the 2020 Election?

How just simply asking a question can cause people to vapor lock in their minds and souls.

I can already feel some of the eye rolls of those reading the headline above and shaking their heads in disbelief. First off, welcome, and I hope your eyes come back to their correct position and you don’t give yourself a concussion from your head shake. I would hate to feel responsible for that.

Really. Unless you are one of those haters that are just ticked off you haven’t been picked for a cabinet spot in a possible Biden administration.

Now, let me just lay the groundwork for this post. I have struggled with writing this article for about 2 weeks and finally decided to sit down and just roll with it. I have spoken with a few people whose judgment I trust and while not all agree with the premise or even simply asking the question I have in the title, they have given me their thoughts in a straightforward manner. That is all anyone can ask for, in my opinion, so I am greatly appreciative of them.

So, here we go for what, for me, has been a thought exercise and challenging some aspects of how I view my understanding of God and my relationship with Him.

I am a CHRISTian and unabashedly so. I can’t razzle and dazzle you with scripture quotes and their numbers from chapters off the top of my head (I know John 3:16 because of that guy at football games) but I have read many of the stories in the Bible and seek out those that present scripture in a way that is broken down into small pieces for my soul and mind to digest. I am always looking for people who talk and write of the Bible and particularly the Gospels, in a manner that is direct and also not afraid to have their thoughts on it questioned and an honest discussion to be had. I can say I have learned much from those types of CHRISTians and have valued their time either in person or just watching on the interwebs.

Now, until recently, the thought of anyone actually saying that the Lord Jesus would want a particular candidate to win an election had never crossed my mind. I have never personally prayed for a candidate to win nor a sports team etc, etc. I know I have prayed the Lord to pull my rear out of some situations and thankfully He has heard and guided me, although not always in the way I thought it would happen.

I do also believe that God has intervened in many an event not only in world history but in the very founding of this country. If you are one of those people that want to believe that the United States was founded by chance and some of the greatest minds in human history just happened to be around the same place at the same time and that was just a coincidence, I find your lack of faith extremely amusing. This country was founded by men and women who not only believed in the almighty but truly believed He was guiding their hands in the events of their time and I also believe this to be true.

Now, even with my firm belief of intervention from heaven always possible, I just never considered praying for a particular candidate to win but rather left it up to the Lord’s will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. I was more than content to leave it there and deal with whatever comes our way as a nation or state.

Yet, on the Thursday after the election, I had the clearest and most concise thought of “praying” for Donald Trump to be declared the winner pop into my head. I had not read that anywhere that I recall or had I talked to anyone who had said that they or anyone should do this. As I said above, this was a total non sequitur for me and I resisted the thought. As I continued into the evening, I still could not shake that feeling similar to what I had gotten in the past when I felt the need to pray for something and finally yielded to it before bed. I went ahead and added this to my prayer list — that if it was the will of the Lord for Trump to win, let it be done.

I should add for the record, that I had already mentioned on my video show that I could read the tea leaves and declared that Joe Biden would most likely be the next POTUS the day before this thought occurred to me. Democrats would never fume so hot and heavy over a nonexistent Russiagate scandal for three and half years with a ridiculous impeachment debacle added on and not work the margins like the devil to be denied the White House again. The 2016 election was just something they will never forget and, come hell or high water, they would not be denied.

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So, for that brief moment, on Thursday, November 5th, I let my faith overrule my secular mind in regards to the dirty unseemly world of politics and did something I never gave a thought to in the past: Offer a prayer to the Lord for the victory of Donald Trump and that, right there, should be the end of this story.

However, it is not.

Even though Donald Trump has lost almost every court battle, and has had people leave or be fired from the administration over anything related to the court cases or people saying there is no evidence of fraud. (The fraud/cheating part I suspect will be the same as the Hunter Biden story has been — revealed after the coast is clear for the press to talk about it which, in the election case, will be sometime after Jan 21, 2021.) So what else is there to say or do about this and pray for him to win?

Being the thought had never occurred to me of praying for someone to win an election other than for the Lord’s will be done, it was so odd to me I decided to Google about people praying for Donald Trump to win and I could not believe what I found. There were over two dozen articles of people not only talking about praying for Trump to win but actually prophesying that Trump was still GOING to win weeks after the voting ended and even still to this very day.

Saying I was shocked was a bit of an understatement.

Now, I know very little about prophets other than the Old Testament had some really good ones and the reason they were good was God did speak to them. He told them what needed to be relayed to the people and we flawed humans did not always take the advice from our Creator. Yet, when they did, good and awesome things happened, and the lands in which those souls lived flourished. I also know a bit about the false prophets and how misleading that can be and the danger of heeding those people’s words. Being I’m new to this whole line of thought, I have to say this has been a bit challenging absorbing all this but I am determined to learn.

So, the natural question is, could there be anything to this movement of people saying they are hearing from God about this election and how Donald Trump figures into it?

In my diving into this topic, there have been many voices I have been reading and listening to that are saying that they know the Lord’s will for the election. One, in particular, I have found to be consistent in both his calm demeanor and firm conviction of what he and others he trusts have said that God has communicated to them about His will being done here on Earth. That gentleman is Dutch Sheets of Dutch Sheets Ministries of South Carolina.

Dutch does a daily YouTube video called Give Him 15 that explores what he and others are hearing and seeing from God. He firmly believes that our Father in heaven has revealed His plans to the modern-day prophets and talks about this each and every day in these videos. He has also traveled with his friends and has visited every contested state to hold prayer vigils to pray into those regions to have the Lord’s wishes be done here on Earth. Dutch also helped organize a prayer meeting across all 50 states that ended with a 3 am prayer vigil in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia which they dubbed Project Valkyrie, which I found absolutely fascinating.

I have included links to these videos for people to take the time to watch for themselves if they so choose, and they can make up their own minds. I know this might make some upset or even scared but the discussion of ideas or thoughts of a benevolent nature should never put you in either one of those states of mind. If it does, take a deep breath and I know you will be fine.

However, I know that some of you (if not most) have gotten this far and are thinking WHAT IN THE #$%^& ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I blame you. I truly do not. I have gone, in a mere 4 weeks, from all of my adult praying life, thinking that ever praying for an outcome of a certain person in an election was not kosher to now questioning whether or not my Lord and Savior has told a number of other believers that He wants Donald Trump to have another 4-year term.

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