Zuckerberg-Funded Group ACCESSED Ballots BEFORE Election

The states will be in charge of elections. That is mentioned in the United States of America Constitution.

So, why was it permissible for so much outside money to penetrate the state election?

According to a recent bombshell article, emails show that a Zuckerberg-funded organization had access to mail-in ballots BEFORE the election.

This poses the following issues:

Why did states tend to encourage Zuckerberg to “assist” in the election process?

Why was the party given access to pre-election mail-in ballots?

Were there any precautions put in place to ensure that nothing went wrong?

There are valid concerns about the integrity of our democratic process!

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Anyone, regardless of political views, should be concerned about this.

It should be particularly concerning for Democrats, who tend to despise big money in politics from corporations.


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